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Transforming debt into an opportunity for growth


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A Journey to Financial Freedom

We've guided businesses through stormy seas, steering them away from the rocks of financial despair. With expertise in debt restructuring, reverse consolidation, and settlement, we chart a course to safer harbors.

Success Stories That Inspire

Hear from those who've navigated their way to brighter shores. Their stories are a testament to resilience, a beacon of hope for many.

The Best Feeling Is Supplying Payroll to My Team 🤝

I lost 2 of my biggest clients within 6 weeks. This shrinked my cashflow so much that I was upside down in many debts, payroll being one of them.

I needed cash fast. Qualifying for credit & loans with enough capital to cover everything was simply not possible. I resorted to a Merchant Cash Advance to keep my business afloat while my sales team scouted out new clients.

We were successful in attaining new large clients, however the terms on payback restricted cash flow tremendously. I reached out to Eastern Financial Partners to see if they can assist me in opening up some cash flow.

It was amazing how fast Eastern Financial was able to renegotiate the terms of my MCA in order for us to pay it off sooner, with less factor fees. I appreciated their expertise so much that I gifted my account manager nice wine for a local winery. Eastern Financial saved my business, and if you're in a situation simialr to mine, I am sure they can help save yours, too!

- Boris Y, General Contractor*

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Processing Credit Cards Again Feels Great 💳 💪

A thunderstorm short-circuited almost all of our computers, ovens, and stoves. This loss devastated our operations and we felt we had no choice but to take out an MCA to purchase new equipment.

Our initial Merchant Cash Advance helped us buy newer, more efficient equipment to maintain operations and purchase preventative equipment so we can avoid catastrophic events from happening again. The MCA provided short-term relief and hope.

Little did we know that business slowed down dramatically, preventing us from meeting the daily payments. We were faced with a serious financial dilemma. We ended up taking another MCA to lower our monthly MCA payment and pay off the original MCA, however it did extend our commitment by almost double the original timeframe. Again, the 2nd MCA provided temporary relief.

After a few weeks of payments, again we faced hardship and could no longer take the strain on our cashflow. I reviewed the agreement and realized that I am paying almost $150k on a $44k loan, and it was hurtful to know that I was paying more than triple the principal. We had no choice but to stop our credit card processing & accept only cash at my restaurants until we had enough reserve to take on the restricted cash flow again.

I contacted Eastern Financial, who were very professional with me & showed me a great financial path to getting out of business debt. They created an 8-month program and I was able to get the payments cut by almost 60%, inceasing our cash flow dramatically while paying off the debt.

Thank you Eastern Financial, for negotating wonderful terms on loans I took to help me get out of them fast. My employees and I are so happy that I found Eastern Financial Partners!

- Lisa M, Owner*

Your First Step Towards a New Chapter

Ready to rewrite your story 

Begin your journey with us. Share your challenge, and let's explore the path to financial stability together.


Below are different results based on a Merchant Cash Advance of $45,000 with a factor rate of 1.6

Debt Restructuring

Our Restructuring Compared to other Debt Reduction Methods

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Importan Points

  • You're not cheating the system / beating the bank system with us; lenders are still profiting from the bulk settlements we arrange

  • We restructure your debt, create a picture of hardship with cash flow analysis to demonstrate to lenders the negative effects the debt is having on your business

  • We can lower the payments by as much as 50% or more and cut the term length by up to 30%

  • Once enrolled & after your first payment, you will have legal protection for your business

  • Our business is full disclosure, seeking to put money back in your pocket, not into the pockets of predatory lenders

  • Our restructuring does not affect your credit

How Are We Effective

  • When a business enrolls with Us, Owr negotiating power exponentially grows because of our "package bargaining," or bulk settlement.

  • When our attorneys submit new terms to lenders, they batch thousands of accounts at once monthly to increase everyone's savings potential.

    The influence of 10,000 accounts vs. one account on your own is staggering, allowing us to get you the best terms possible for your restructure

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